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We know we can change our bodies through targeted activity. The science of neuroplasticity is revealing that we can also change the structure of our brains. CoMBo is an exercise program for bodies and brains: simultaneously developing awareness, focus, flexibility and strength.



CoMBo is a mindbody conditioning system that includes a moving/breathing meditation, grounding, centering, balance, expanding, and dynamic movement. It is a holistic method that promotes integration, wellbeing and happiness

Kim Chandler Vaccaro

Has been teaching dance in higher education for over 35 years. She is dedicated to helping each student find their optimal personal potential and has watched as many students reach their personal best through the study of CoMBo.

CoMBo begins with the breath/chi: using the breath to develop deep inner sensing, focus and to cultivate energy and vitality.

Activating the stabilizers cultivates balance, grounding and a connection to the earth.

Exercising the powerhouse creates score strength and torso organization.

Finding efficient, functional alignment and lengthening opens the joints and increases range of motion.

Movers who have energy, groundedness, strength, openness and balance can reach their full potential in whatever they attempt.



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